Wisconsin MD Jeffrey A. Jacoby

About Jeffrey A. Jacoby

An MD with decades of experience as a physician and surgeon, Jeffrey A. Jacoby has worked with multiple Wisconsin-based medical organizations in Milwaukee, Sheboygan, and Manitowoc. His practice includes a wide range of spinal surgical treatments, including microdiscectomy, lateral lumbar interbody fusion, sacroiliac joint fusion, and kyphoplasty. Before coming to Wisconsin to work as an MD, Jeffrey A. Jacoby completed a spine fellowship with Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic in Lone Tree, Colorado, as well as an orthopaedic surgery residency with Summa Health and Akron City Hospital in Ohio. During the latter, he was named resident teacher of the year in two consecutive years.

During his free time, Dr. Jacoby stays physically active and plays several individual and team sports. In addition to games like tennis, basketball, and golf, he also participates in solo competitions such as triathlons. In 2015 and 2017, he participated in the Ironman Wisconsin triathlon, which includes a swim more than two miles long, more than 100 miles of bike riding, and a full-length marathon over the course of the event. He also likes to enjoy the water through kayaking and surfing.